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Cam4you remote 2.0

Remote webcam manager
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Start your webcam and take pictures with it remotely, then automatically transfer the captured media files to PC. Turn your webcam into a surveillance system using the embedded motion detection technology.

Cam4you remote is freeware can be used for several tasks in Windows XP and Windows Vista. Typical tasks are:
- Start camera remote mode and take pictures using the shutter on the camera. Pictures are automatically transferred to the computer.
-Use camera remote mode to take pictures using the “Take picture” button in Cam4you remote.
-Use Cam4you remote to transform your camera to Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) camera, by using motion detect functions. It is possible to use the video from a PowerShot camera and also to take pictures with it using motion detection as trigger. Alternatively a web camera can be used as video source and an EOS camera to take pictures using motion detect as trigger.

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